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The Blue Rose

The Blue Rose

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A dazzling perfume!
Launching a new perfume is not an easy feast, especially when you are developing from a brand new concept and constructing it from scratch. It requires many iterations before your heart passes the judgment on your vision. The idea for creating ‘The Blue Rose’ scent was always there but how to make it different from thousands of other rose perfumes was challenging. The mission we had was to create a sophisticated and elegant scent instead of piercing candy rosy sweetness that runs through most of the rose-based perfumes.

Our dear customers, we present to you ‘The Blue Rose’ a pure love, graceful and deeply comforting scent. Built upon the base of frankincense, sandalwood, oud, musk and violet that give this perfume a very unique and elegant backdrop upon which the notes of beautiful aqua floral, chamomile and light rose dances in a perfect harmony. 

One thing really unique to this fragrance is that it starts humbly, you will not notice anything special about the scent - it will just feel ordinary. But just give this perfume a little time to open up, it will show its aromatic magic like none other. With very good silage and lasting, this is a perfume that will very likely impress you and it is one of our favourites as well!

Fragrance notes:
  • Rose notes mixed with Aqua floral
  • Chamomile
  • Light honey notes
  • Peach cream
  • Earthiness and resin notes from Frankincense
  • Oud
  • Sandalwood
  • Vetiver
  • Moss

87.94% natural.

All our bottles are hand filled:

  • 3ML bottles can have a variance of +/- 0.2ML.
  • 5.2ML bottles have a fill level between 5.2ML to 5.7ML.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elissa Jewell (Melbourne, AU)
Gorgeous, long lasting scent

It was exactly how I was hoping it would smell! Very deep rose / musk base with a soft edge to it. A really beautiful scent that lasts for a long time.

Audrey Skaife (Perth, AU)
Blue Rose

This is by far my favourite perfume, stays fragrant for hours. I absolutely love it!

Rose with a lift

This has a strong pure rose scent at first, that develops through a series of notes that include floral, oud, sandalwood and vetiver, all the while maintaining the base rose note. It's lovely.

Kellyanne (Brisbane, AU)
The blue rose

This is like a rose smelt fresh after the rain with a few drops of water on the petals, However it is so fragrant , a fresh rose and a sweet floral scent combined.

J.H. (Sunbury, AU)
Blue Rose

Gorgeous floral scent, absolutely love this fragrance