Incense burning instructions

Instructions on burning incense using OUD COLLECTION’s supplied stainless steel thermostat controlled burner

Our burner is supplied with a tray that holds the incense for burning. There are different type of incense, each one has its own burning rate, some are dry and some leave the melted residue behind.

For the dry incense, you can put it directly on the burner’s tray and after the burning session, left over blackish colored burned incense residue can be thrown away easily off the tray.

While for other incense, such as Frankincense and Somali Bakhoors, that are sold by OUD COLLECTION, when they are burned completely then you will see the melted residue left behind on the tray. Sometime it is easy to take it off with a stainless steel spoon or something similar and sometime you need to scrub it hard under the water with stainless steel scrubber. To burn such incense, we recommend you to use an aluminum foil on top of the tray, make sure when you put the foil it touches the tray surface properly so that heat can pass through. Put your incense on top of the foil layer, once your burning session is completed then you only need to take off the foil and you are set for another session.

Controlling incense burner heat comes with the experience. If you are a beginner and it is your first time burning frankincense, then use the above tip to use foil on the tray. Take a little bit of frankincense, say about two or three pieces or a tea spoon quantity, and put on the burner tray. Start the burner on the lower heat setting and wait for a little while till you feel that burner is warmed up. At this time you will start smelling light fragrance coming out of the incense. Wait a little bit more, if the temperature is right then the strength of fragrance will increase gradually and you will see smoke coming out of the incense. If you don’t see it, then you have to raise the temperature until you start smelling light fragrance and can also see smoke rising gradually from the incense. But if the fragrance starts getting too strong quickly then you have to reduce the heat setting. The key for incense burning is to burn incense slowly and gradually. With some experience you will know the exact setting for each incense, all you need is a couple of tries. When you see that the incense is burned about 80% or so then you can raise the heat setting to high and burn the remaining incense quickly for couple of minutes. Once you see that incense is almost burned then switch off the burner, the idea is to only have beautiful incense smoke and not the burnt smell.

Follow the above tips and try it a couple of times, you will get a hang of it. If you still face any difficulty then reach out to us via email and we will help you with your question.