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A brilliant Patchouli fragrance

Sana means 'Brilliant' and this Patchouli fragrance showcases brilliance.

For some of us, the scent of patchouli touches into an olfactory memory that is nearly 50 years old. It is the single aroma most often connected to the 1960s, and all the trappings of that era.

What we have here is a modern representation of a patchouli scent where we have tuned up patchouli’s musky, sweet and spicy character a few notches up. Sana is a complex fragrance where you will find the patchouli scent peaking in and out throughout the fragrance journey - just like a dance of patchouli around different aromatics. 

The fragrance fires up with a sugary, sweet, fresh, menthol green aroma and wild florals with earthy woody tones. Notes of Amber emerge quickly to add warmth along with a good dose of Ambrette musk that adds a musky romance to the fragrance. Patchouli scent is weaved into the fragrance that dances harmoniously with other aromatics to give a patchouli-flavored Musky, floral and powdery perfume.      

This a beautiful perfume, definitely a must try for high-quality scent appreciators.

Olfactory notes:

  • Patchouli
  • Florals
  • Musk
  • Powdery
  • Oud
  • Amber
  • Sandalwood
  • Warm spices

95.52% natural.

All our bottles are hand filled:

  • 3ML bottles can have a variance of +/- 0.2ML.
  • 5.2ML bottles have a fill level between 5.2ML to 5.7ML.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michelle Gleeson (Brisbane, AU)

Love this perfume. Long lasting and reminiscent of my teenage years ❤

Neva Wright (Adelaide, AU)
Sana oil

very strong scent, possibly too strong for me to wear.

Kim Wood (Sydney, AU)
Beautiful scent

Absolutely love Sana. I only purchased the sample size but will definitely be buying more. Want to try more in the range. The smell is amazing and it lasts for ages. I have expensive perfumes but this oil is brilliant and I think it will be the only type of scent I'll be buying from now on.

Yvonne Freudenstein (Mandurama, AU)

Wasn't sure what to expect, so glad I tried it. Love it

Customer (Melbourne, AU)

Wonderful oil smells great reminicent of my hippie days.
Love the depth of this fragrance and that im supporting a local business.

Dian Doust (Sydney, AU)

This oil has quite nice perfume. not for me. couldn't get used to it, which is strange because I love patchouli, but the patchouli didn't come through for me.

hamza (Adelaide, AU)
worth buying

This magnificent and natural product is strong and soothing in a genuinely nice way.
It is just the thing you would be looking for after a long day at work.
I personally loved it and really recommend all of you to try