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Frangi Velvet

Frangi Velvet

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Enthusiast Series Perfume oils are crafted for those seeking the absolute best. These luxurious creations are made from rare and limited-production materials, truly worth their weight in gold. They are the epitome of pure fragrances, unmatched by mainstream perfumery. These exceptional artisanal creations are highly cherished, destined to age gracefully and become even more extraordinary over time.


Frangipani is a fragrance that immediately evokes feelings of love and contentment. But when you are talking about one of the best frangipani extractions in the world, expect this experience to be manifold. Merge it with the one of the best extractions of Western Australian Sandalwood oil, and you are in for a déjà vu!

The frangipani oil used in this masterpiece is a rare gem, carefully extracted from a limited-production batch originating from the beautiful landscapes of Southern Thailand. If you've only encountered ordinary frangipani oils, prepare to have your perceptions forever transformed. 

In crafting this olfactory masterpiece, we selected the quintessential Western Australian Sandalwood oil, this batch captures the creamy, buttery, and woody notes that a Sandalwood oil is famous for. The exquisite scent of sandalwood synergizes seamlessly with the frangipani, elevating the glory and appeal of the delicate, deep, and powdery frangipani fragrance. A touch of rosy sweetness is introduced by the Rose absolute, while a well-rounded Thai Oud establishes a solid foundation, allowing each element to shine and sustain the fragrance.

Frangi Velvet exudes quality and class from the moment of application to the lingering final whiff. At OUD COLLECTION™, our fragrances are original, authentic, and stand apart from mainstream perfumery. Immerse yourself in the experience to witness firsthand the purest expression of the finest perfumery elements from around the globe. Enjoy!

Following ingredients went into this aromatic masterpiece:

  • Thai Frangipani Absolute
  • Western Australian Sandalwood
  • Rose Geranium
  • Guaiacwood
  • Patchouli
  • Cedarwood
  • Thai Oud
  • Rose Absolute

93.68% natural

Check out this fascinating video by "Business Insider" to witness firsthand why authentic perfumery, crafted with the finest materials, comes with a premium price tag.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jamil (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing scent!!!

Absolutely amazing scent. Took me back to my childhood in Shalimar Gardens.

Kate Davidson (Brisbane, AU)
Intriguing as always

Frangi velvet - beautiful and shared with friends and family ❤️

Penny Morton (Melbourne, AU)
Frangi Velvet

I purchased a sample of Frangi Velvet, I have used it numerous times since PURCHASING, I can tell you it is absolutely beautiful, I will be purchasing a bottle very soon, I love it.
Whilst moving your arms in different direction’s, you get this beautiful aroma wash over you..
Don’t miss out on this one !!!