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Fire Rose

Fire Rose

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Please carefully read the description of our perfume oils along with the reviews (if any) before making a purchase. These are specialized high-quality perfumes, a class apart from the usual mass-market fragrances. Our perfume oils are meticulously crafted using only the finest ingredients, resulting in a fragrance that is both luxurious and complex. 

Playful, dark, incensy & smoky

Please note that this fragrance will suit people who like incensy and Oudy fragrances. If you are new to perfume oils and this is your first time trying perfume oils then please note that you might find this fragrance a little overpowering. 
Imagine entering a room full of freshly cut red velvety roses that are filling up the room with a deep & dark rose fragrance. Along with roses, there is also an incense burner in action where oud wood and mix of aromatic spices are slowly sizzling on a hot charcoal and effusing a deep and rich fragrance in the rosy backdrop. The fusion of roses and incense smoke creates a vivid, uplifting and rich aroma that we call ‘Fire Rose’. This is type of a fragrance that can easily satisfy the crave of an incensy, rosy and smoky fragrance - that most scent lovers are in search of.

‘Fire Rose’ starts off with a bright, smoky red hue of fresh rose sweetness on an incense oud backdrop. After the initial application, it takes a few minutes to settle down into a bouquet of dark red roses with warm woody oud and spices. All fragrance notes are aesthetically balanced to give the wearer a rich, intense and delightful experience from top to middle notes. In the base notes, Fire Rose gets subtle and makes its presence known to the wearer in the form of gentle wafts for a prolonged period of time.

This is an impactful fragrance with a lot of character and enjoyment. People who love dark and strong fragrances will love this rich and bold fragrance.

Olfactory notes:

  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Oud
  • Sandalwood
  • Saffron
  • Vetiver
  • Red Grapefruit
  • Spring Fruits

80.09% natural.

All our bottles are hand filled:

  • 3ML bottles can have a variance of +/- 0.2ML.
  • 5.2ML bottles have a fill level between 5.2ML to 5.7ML

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Odette Renet (Melbourne, AU)
Indian Incense stick

A strong smokey,burning wood (Sandalwood and perhaps a bit of oud) with a sweet red realistic rose. A bit harsh for me overall the burning wood smell almost hurts my head.
Reminds me exactly of an Indian Incense Stick.

Julie D (Oatley, AU)

A beautiful strong scent with a lovely after note
The fire element is quite strong to me more so than the Rose scent but they compliment each other and make a beautiful exotic scent

Hk (Hoppers Crossing, AU)

The perfume smells like a smoky rose smell. It has this smoky element to it, you don't need much. If you like the smell of Rose
bakhuro then you will like this

Mandeep Mahi (Brisbane, AU)
Addictive scent

Really like.this, it's like smokey Rose..


In my search for a luscious scent, this one didn't make the score. There is an aroma reminiscent of tar about it when it is on my skin.

Anna (Perth, AU)

I got this today, have had it on for 2 hours and it's just getting better.

Catherine Howard (Perth, AU)

Fabulous scent, long lasting absolutely love it

kellyanne Wright (Brisbane, AU)
Fire Rose

Amazing perfume!this is a really addictive and beautiful fusion!Love it.

Andrew Gurney (Adelaide, AU)
Awesome and Beautiful

It starts off subtlety then as time goes on the complexity of the fragrance intensifies.
Lasts all day.

Mohamad Rafet (Adelaide, AU)

Tried this on today. Been 3 hours and it blends with your skin and the smell is amazing.