About Us

With countless fragrance houses and unlimited choices of fragrances on our disposal, there was no need for another fragrance house selling a similar kind under a different label. OUD COLLECTION™ Australia has chosen a difficult path in the fragrance industry, we are focused on creating original and authentic fragrances in the purest form to offer our customers a deep and rich fragrance experience that is now seldom seen in the mainstream perfumery. 

Operating in today's market where fragrances are sold like peanuts to the masses based on packaging, brand and instant appeal factor, we have kept ourselves away from this Mcdonalised version of fragrance market.

We are focused on top quality perfumery and we educate our customers on two things: 

  1. Fragrance is for person's own satisfaction, they provide priceless satisfaction to the tapestry of life. If other can feel and appreciate the fragrance then it is good enough, but this is not the main purpose of fragrance to spend money for impressing others.
  2. Buying quality aromatic is worth it because real and quality perfumery materials are one of those things that has the ability to touch deep inside, speak to you and impart such an effect that none of the other fancy stuff can reach close to.

At OUD COLLECTION™ you will find the real deal without any marketing gimmicks nor we will be after you to make a purchase. We know that everyone who is looking for pure quality fragrances will find us one of the best option to trust with their money.