Fusion series perfume pricing

Pricing is the most complex part of the perfumery business, after all.

The dilemma is that the mainstream customers wants a big bottle of perfume oil at the cheapest price, say for example $25 for a 12ml perfume bottle. High-end perfume users generally associate high cost to high quality, therefore they tend to keep away from anything that is under their perceived assumption. Lastly, spray based perfume users become clueless when they see a small 3ml bottle costing as much as 50ml or 100ml perfume bottle pricing. This is a whole drama that is going on for a long time, therefore we thought to write about it so people can get better understanding about our pricing.

Fusion series perfume oils are not diluted, it means that the perfume oils that we sell are a concentrated form of perfume which is NOT mixed with any cheap carrier oils to increase the volume. Due to higher concentration of aromatics in our perfume oils, our customer will only need a tiny amount of perfume oil to enjoy extended scent experience instead of applying large swipes from a cheap large perfume oil bottle. Our small 3ml bottle generally is equivalent to a 50ml/100ml spray based perfumes and sometime easily outrun them in terms of lasting.

Fusion series perfumes cannot be produced cheaply because we value quality and experience of our perfumes. OUD COLLECTION™ Fusion series is based on a volume based business model where we want to reach out to a large customer base instead of selected few riches of the society. Therefore we have kept our pricing as reasonable as possible to offer authentic, unique and delightful experience to our customers both in terms of quality and aesthetics.

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