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Yemeni Myrrh - 25 Gram

Yemeni Myrrh - 25 Gram

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This particular Myrrh is from Yemen, the land famous for it's best in class Myrrh in the world. Myrrh is a gum-resin, which is extracted from the bark of the balsam tree called "Myrrh Tree". It is an anti-bacterial and very powerful analgesic.

The story goes that myrrh was one of the gifts given to baby Jesus from the wise men (along with Frankincense and Gold). The myth shows just how significant this tree resin truly is. It was also used during the mummification process as an embalming substance. The ancient Egyptian also used myrrh for healing, as well as spiritual rituals.

Both frankincense and myrrh are derived from the gummy sap that oozes out of the Boswellia and Commiphora trees, respectively, when their bark is cut. The leaking resin is allowed to harden and scraped off the trunk in tear-shaped droplets; it may then be used in its dried form or steamed to yield essential oils. They are also extremely fragrant, particularly when burned, with frankincense giving off a sweet, citrusy scent and myrrh producing a piney, bitter odor.

Myrrh has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Scientists are now testing the oil’s potential uses, including for pain, infections, and skin sores

One recent study found that burning myrrh and frankincense incense reduced airborne bacterial counts by 68% (Source:

We suggest our customers to do self research to derive the conclusion, there is tons of material available over the internet about Myrrh and Frankincense.  

Burning incense is a magical experience, and we recommend you to try it once to see yourself the affect it creates in your home or any place where you burn it.

Incense burning instructions: Place few pieces of Myrrh on the electric burner or place on an incense charcoal. As soon as heat touches the myrrh, smoke will start to rise and myrrh will start melting. Burn the myrrh until it burns completely and then remove the remains with something safe and reload with new myrrh pieces.

If you want to regularly burn the incense then we recommend you to invest in a temperature control incense burner, this will give you an ability to control the burn rate and the incense will last much more longer. Our Temperature controlled incense burner can be found here: If you use charcoal tablet then you can buy our potassium nitrate free 100% bamboo charcoal here: After lighting the charcoal let the top layer turn to grayish and then put the incense on top to it so that sudden burning can be avoided.   

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Craig J Devlin (Brisbane, AU)
A delicate scent.

This is a great product, that emits a very pleasant scent.