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Incense Series

Premium Quick Light Incense Charcoal

Premium Quick Light Incense Charcoal

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Three Kings, is the world’s leading brand when it comes to quick-light charcoal. Made in Holland, these charcoal discs burns quickly and evenly to provide great incense burning experience.

As always, we suggest our customers to light the charcoal and wait a couple of minutes until gray ash forms on the top of charcoal tablet. This grey ash works as a cushion between red hot charcoal and incense - putting your incense of grey ash means your incense will burn slowly to emit the fragrance at its best.

Each roll contains 10 charcoal tablets.


You need a burner or a heat-proof dish to use charcoal. Special burners are available which are constructed so that the smoldering charcoal is held up off the surface on which the holder is placed. You can also use a heatproof bowl with gravel or pebbles but special care should be taken as the charcoal can heat the bowl making it unsafe to touch.

  • Light the charcoal by holding it over a flame (this could be gas stove top, candle, lighter or blowtorch) using a pair of tongs or pliers, then place it in the burner. 
  • When the grey ash forms on the surface of charcoal disc, then place incense on top of it.
  • If using resin place small pieces on top. Large pieces may carbonize before the essential oil has been fully released, resulting in a bitter smell. Once a piece of resin has fully burnt, knock it off with your tongs and replace it with a fresh piece. Each disc should burn for at least 30 minutes and can often be made to burn longer by knocking off the coating of ash as it builds up.
  • Never hold the charcoal in your fingers. Do not check if it is extinguished by touching it. You can ensure the charcoal is extinguished by pouring some water on it.

Detail instructions on burning incense is available at this link: Incense burning detail instructions

Safety information: 
  • Never leave burning charcoal unattended. Keep vessel on a fireproof surface during the incense burning ritual. Keep your burner out of the reach from children at all times.
  • Charcoal burns slowly, so it's easy to forget that it's still a live flame that must be treated with care and respect. 
  • It's necessary to always be alert to wherever your charcoal and incense is and what it might come in contact with.
  • Always make sure that no a part of burning incense or charcoal comes in contact with wood or different flammable materials.
  • Incense burners themselves also can get very hot, so be careful not to place them on wooden surfaces or to touch metal burners once you have been burning incense in them.
  • Never leave burning incense or charcoal unattended. like candles, do not leave the house while incense or charcoal remains burning.
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Gary Fraser (Sydney, AU)

Have tried both charcoals and honestly I am pretty impatient. I do prefer the 3 king's.