Oud Hindi
Oud Hindi

Oud Hindi

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Oud Hindi is a must in oriental perfumery. This thick agarwood oil starts with pronounced animalic and dark accords to offer a typical experience of great classic indian oudh. After two hours, a distinguished strength replaces the wild one with earthy, leathery and honey notes around a new sweeter woody facet. Oud Hindi is a delight for fans and connoisseurs and its affordability is an easy access to the strong side of the dehn al oudh world. It has a clearly masculine style.


  • Animalic Indian oud
  • Dark woody
  • Tobacco
  • Wild honey
  • Earthy
  • Leathery
  • Dry Plum
  • Old wood
  • Sweet woody

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Disclaimer and general safety information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
An incredibly close reproduction of pure oud

I own a few samples of real Indian oud oil from various vendors. Oud Hindi comes very close to that barn/stable animalic richness. It is in fact close enough that I'd recommend a sample before buying a full size, if you're not familiar with this scent type. And it is, to be sure, not for everyone. It will take at least an hour before you're fit to face the public. But before you do, you will bask in the extreme leathery oudiness which eventually dries down to a powdery/earthy patchouli. Love.

Review from AKAF

very very good quality , Good job

Review from AKAF

Wow amazing this is a masculine fragrance to begin very strong and later Sweet like Honey and leathery MashaAllah

Review from AKAF

Very strong and leathery at first with hints of balmy oud resin and dries down to a sweet Indian oud close to the skin. Long lasting very masculine owing to the leathery opening. Almost chose 5stars but smell is so subjective and I prefer more balmy resiny ouds. Also layers well with 80s designer perfumes.

Review from AKAF

Amazing, very strong and long lasting

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