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Incense Series

Oud Emirati Incense/Bakhoor

Oud Emirati Incense/Bakhoor

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2nd batch is now in the stock, we have cut down a little bit sharpness in the top notes.

If you have ever visited the Middle East, there is a particular fragrance that you must've encountered while walking through the shopping centers especially around the fragrance shops. This dark woody, rosy and aromatic oud fragrance, that is a hallmark of Emirati's everyday incense burning culture, is now re-created by OUD COLLECTION™ and we call it Oud Emirati. 

Oud Emirati incense bakhoor is wonderfully scented with the most beautiful and captivating scent of dark oud woods, roses and spices that displays its magic like no other. Get one for your home or for your office to fumigate and create a beautiful scented aura around you - or burn it when your guests arrive and you will not need to wait too long for their irresistible question, 'what is this beautiful smell'?

Burning incense is a magical experience, and we recommend that you try it once to see for yourself on how it impacts the environment of the place where it has been activated.

You can burn the incense on a coal or an electric incense burner. See our incense burning instructions to learn how to burn incense.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michele McNulty (Perth, AU)
Oud Emirates

Absolutely beautiful. I ordered more as it reminds me of Dubai.

Faff (Brisbane, AU)

Oud chips which burn cleanly and don't smell terrible towards the end of their burn. Superior fragrance which lasts hours after use

kellyanne Wright (Brisbane, AU)
Oud Emirati Incence bakhoor

Absolutely sensational! Amazing smell and the whole house fills with the beautiful aroma. Love it, will buy again!

Gary Fraser (Sydney, AU)
Our Emarati

Not normally a fan of floral notes. Very impressed and surprisingly enjoying this. 👍

Nush (Melbourne, AU)
Walking in the Oud

I tried Oud Emirati purely on the chance. i am extremely sensitive to smells and rarely purchase online, untried.
I am glad that I did, this is a very pretty incense which just caresses your environment, with a soft after smell of roses and aromatic spice. I have a traditional Moroccan burner, and I use charcoal discs. It burns beautifully, weaving magical smoke plumes. I usually prefer the cedarwood and sandalwoods, myrrh and frankinsense woody smells, but my family loves the lighter, sweeter floral accents too, and this is perfect.