Oud Al Amir
Oud Al Amir

Oud Al Amir

Complex, Fruity & Woody Oud
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Sublime and powerful, Oud Al Amir brings oud cambodi to the next level with an unctuous and impressive variant. Oud Al Amir is well balanced between strength and sweetness. It begins with animalic and earthy notes as a oudh from Cambodia should be, but then arrive a sweet and caramelized woody style and a complexity of dried fruits offering a smooth balance out the agarwood giving it complexity and sweetness without being overpowered. Oud Al Amir is a very masculine scent, but a lady can find it quite approachable if she loves deep woody scents.


  • ​​​​​​​Sweet Woody
  • Caramel 
  • Dried fruits
  • Honey
  • Sweet Ripe Fruits
  • Smoky
  • Woody - Oud from Cambodia

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Customer Reviews

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Oud Delight

After having bought these oud fragrances (Oud Al Amir, Sheikh Al Faransi) and compared them to designer "oud" based fragrances, there is really no comparison. The oud blended beautifully with the other ingredients are wonderfully unique and very enjoyable.


Subtle lasting yet unique. Would love to try more OUD please get samples out this is an intriguing collection.


Great smelling also lasts for hours can even smell it after 24 hours very happy..

Oud Al Amir

Just lovely - takes me back to Oman.


A very rich earthy scent, like a damp rainforest, however this is also floral and sensual. An amazing creation


This is a beautiful light perfume that would suit most people. I get lots of compliments when I wear it.


I wasn't sure I'd like this from the smell in the bottle but on me it's a.m.a.z.i.n.g!! It takes half an hr or so to settle but once it does it just keeps getting better & better!!

Long lasting

The oil seems to last the day and it mellows as the day goes on, but mellows in a very woody way. Never overpowering, scent is beautiful and I will buy again.


Great oud blend

I have been wearing this oil for a good while now, and had some of my friends try it as well.

I love it , I definitely do... that said, I find it rather difficult to review. The fragrance is extremely multi-faceted, and not only that, it also can develop in a most unexpected manner, depending on the wearer's skin chemistry. People whom I asked described it as 'wood', 'resin', and 'incense' but at the same time as 'very sweet'. Good quality oud obviously takes the central place in this composition, as the name suggests, but after all, there is much more to this fragrance than just oud.

In terms of performance, it does have some sillage and can be sensed by those around you, but it is definitely not a room-filling type of fragrance. On my skin it last a good couple of hours, depending on the weather, and some two days on clothes.

But how do I perceive the scent?

The other day in August I was camping at the riverside, on a tiny scrap of meadow between a forest and the river bank. There had been a thunderstorm earlier that afternoon, everything was moist, and the evening was getting rather foggy. On top of that, campfire smoke was lingering all around the place. Now, imagine that smell - resinous smoke combined with lush greenness of late summer and vapours of wet soil.

That evening, I happened to be wearing Oud al Amir - and I could hardly tell the difference between the perfume and the surrounding smells of nature.

Thank you Abdul Karim for this wonderful creation!


A well balanced fragrance with a powerful sweet honey and caramel opening, after about 30-45 minutes (on my skin) it tones down en leaves a very subtle green and woody aroma. The Oudh is very restraint and plays a supporting role in this play.

Not the powerhouse from sniffing the bottle but rather an elegant composition.