Oud Original Foaming Hand Wash

Oud Original Foaming Hand Wash

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For some people there is no value in spending high if it has to finally go down the drain at the end. Yet the same person orders the best at the eatery, to satisfy the taste buds and to please the tummy, but the result is the same… hope you understand what we mean 😊. This is how our subconscious drives us, we see value in satisfying our taste buds but when it comes to feeding our brain with some quality fragrances and satisfying our nervous system with some luxury, our brain tells us not to be extravagant.

In today’s world i.e. full of challenges, rewarding yourself with some luxury is not nice to have… IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.

If you have an important man in your life, whom you see busy trying tirelessly supporting the household, give him an Oud Original Foaming hand wash as a gift. If he likes a strong, woody & smokey scent, then you must wait to see his reaction after the use… may be getting the camera ready is a good idea to record the reaction.

This is a scent of Oud that middle eastern perfumers have mastered. You will be hard pressed to find any scent similar to this and in personal care products, forget it. This is like a liquid smoke, woody and highly aromatic. We will leave rest of the description for the man who is going to tell you how he felt after using it.

Though it says Hand wash only, tell the man that nobody will police him if he uses it as a body wash.

This is an absolutely unique, strong and beautiful fragrance with a LOT of character. 

Take a chance and try it, you will make the man extremely happy, for SURE.

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