Musk Tahara Monoi
Musk Tahara Monoi

Musk Tahara Monoi

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Musk Tahara Monoi is a distinguished and sensual white musk. Tropical and creamy, sweet and romantic, this fragrance is warm and confortable. This mysterious and seductive perfume will suit to ladies and gentlemen.

Tahitian Monoi
Polynesian Flowers
Tahitian Vanilla
Sweet Toffee
White Lotus 
Creamy White Musk​​​​​​​

For a great fragrance experience, we suggest our customers to:

  1. Use our Oud Shower Gel or Oud Hand & Body Wash or Oud Soap Bar for bathing. 
  2. After you finish toweling off, apply our Oud Body Lotion on the body, especially on the pulse points. 
  3. Then after 5 minutes or so, apply our Perfume oils on pulse points. Click this link to see how to apply perfume oil:

Follow the above tips and you will have a great fragrant experience!

Customer Reviews

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This one is lovely and nothing like the dozen musk perfumes you find in regular perfume stores. The oil is warm, soft and comforting At the same time it is also fresh with hints of sweet toffe and vanilla like sparkels in the background (as it sets on the skin) The oil is very thick and potent. I live in Sweden and sometimes it can be rather cold here, so this is just perfect for the cold months, I think. I only bought a test sample but I will absolutely be back for more. Great job on this one:))


This is very nice musk blend. It is clean , sugary creamy , super sexy. complement getter.

Highly Recommended


Musk Tahara Monoi is a very sensual, sugary , sweet musk oil. Although at a first sniff in my opinion i thought it suited only women, oh my god, how wrong i was! I was surprised to see my boyfriend wear some, and let me tell you, it smelled amazing on his skin, it was mysterious, seductive, sugary and different from the other scents he used to wear before. Great choice and great musk oil, long lasting and lovely packaging!