Musk Tahara Al Faransi
Musk Tahara Al Faransi

Musk Tahara Al Faransi

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Musk Tahara Al Faransi is an olfactory beauty and a very addictive fragrance. It is a pioneer among white musk variants. Indeed it is a redesigned version of classic thick white musks known as musk tahara, not over powering, with gourmand notes of hazelnuts, honey and vanilla. Lemon adds some freshness to this subtle and non invasive perfume. It's all about sweetness and can be easily worn on any occasion by both ladies and gentlemen.

Hazelnuts from Turkey
White Lotus
Vanilla from Tahiti
Lemon from Spain
Taif Rose
White musk

For a great fragrance experience, we suggest our customers to:

  1. Use our Oud Shower Gel or Oud Hand & Body Wash or Oud Soap Bar for bathing. 
  2. After you finish toweling off, apply our Oud Body Lotion on the body, especially on the pulse points. 
  3. Then after 5 minutes or so, apply our Perfume oils on pulse points. Click this link to see how to apply perfume oil:

Follow the above tips and you will have a great fragrant experience!

Customer Reviews

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A beautiful musk

This is a gorgeous musk perfume. At first there is a burst of Musk and Rose but once your skin warms to the fragrance the other notes start to appear. The musk and sweetness of the rose stay but are joined by a slight nutty Hazelnut and Vanilla. I can't say I picked out the Lemon but there was a warm glow of Honey in the background. This is one of my favourites and a wonderfully subtle perfume everyone could wear. I love to mix Musk Tahara with Sundus which is a very sharp green Rose, the Musk softens the edges of Sundus and brings that glorious Rose forward with a sensual Musk to soften the edges.

A long Lasting bouquet

How lovely is this surprising fragrant delight . It will evolve over the whole day or night from an opening of Gourmand notes on to a soft sweetness that is a joy to wear.