Musk Aswad
Musk Aswad

Musk Aswad

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Musk Aswad means black musk. It is a classic of Oriental perfumery. The version offered here is unique. A complex blend of rich, soft and earthy notes, accentuated vanilla notes and enriched honey nuances to give you a unique black musk. It has a rather imposing olfactory character and a subtle masculine style.

Dark Dry Plums
Kashimiri Honey
Indian Khus (Vetiver)
Woody  Notes


For a great fragrance experience, we suggest our customers to:

  1. Use our Oud Shower Gel or Oud Hand & Body Wash or Oud Soap Bar for bathing. 
  2. After you finish toweling off, apply our Oud Body Lotion on the body, especially on the pulse points. 
  3. Then after 5 minutes or so, apply our Perfume oils on pulse points. Click this link to see how to apply perfume oil:

Follow the above tips and you will have a great fragrant experience!

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely beautiful

Just loving this beautiful oil, the smell is just what I wanted, perfect, just like being in a mystic place


This is one powerful fragrance, definitely not for the faint hearted. You need such a tiny amount because it is so strong, takes a long time too mellow into your skin and turn into a beautiful sweet vanilla musk. This is definitely an Oriental Musk and I would say leans towards the feminine.

Great Woodsy opening followed by the sweetness of honey, vanilla and musk.

Longevity at least 12 hours maybe more if you haven't showered. I really love this scent, it is like walking into a Middle Eastern shop with all the rich exotic aromas of Perfume, Incense and Resins.


A powerful composition with a strong peppery opening with hint of dark honey, leather and earthy musk tones. It develops into a deep dark musk and incense overtone with subtle green and dark honey tones. Once in a while a whiff of spicy cinnamon pops-up (maybe Cassia). Later some powdery tones come in accompanied by subtle woody, minty and green tones.

The longevity of this fragrance is great (on my skin 12+ hours). The sillage is quite heavy and easily fills a room. So a little goes a long way.

All is all a lovely creation which suits me very well.


FR: Un parfum prononcé, exactement ce que je cherchais.

EN: A strong fragrance, exactly what i was looking for.


salaam alaikum great product great fragrance in this price not too strong not too soft good powdery fragrance of musk.