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Mombasa is a journey for the senses through East Africa. Welcome to Kenya, with its abundance of frankincense and coconuts. Notes of nutmeg and white musk caress you like the waves of the Indian Ocean. The rich local flora develops in oriental woody notes, creating a soft fragrance that is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

White Musk

For a great fragrance experience, we suggest our customers to:

  1. Use our Oud Shower Gel or Oud Hand & Body Wash or Oud Soap Bar for bathing. 
  2. After you finish toweling off, apply our Oud Body Lotion on the body, especially on the pulse points. 
  3. Then after 5 minutes or so, apply our Perfume oils on pulse points. Click this link to see how to apply perfume oil:

Follow the above tips and you will have a great fragrant experience!

Customer Reviews

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Guaranteed you have never smelled anything like this.

Fresh but not vapid, sweet but not cloying, Mombasa is sui generis. The coconut is the only coconut note in a fragrance that hasn't turned horribly plasticky on my skin. The juicy fruit and the coconut anchor the frankincense, which weaves in and out. The drydown is a soft skin musk with faint hints of spice. (I did not detect any agarwood.)The first time I tried it, I was positive that the fruit would take over and become syrupy, yet it never did. Suitable for hot weather but I look forward to wearing it in winter too as it will surely bring a ray of sunshine to my day. It feels suitable for men and women.


This is for lubban and frankincense lovers as it has abundnance of that resin, softened by withe musk and some floral accords. Nutmeg and coconut are in the background too. Oud forms the base and combines all the notes together.

Very good lasting power and projection. Certainly one with a different character to the other attars from AKAF.


Despite the modest price, this is one of the best in AKAF's entire range. Most other perfumes that attempt this sort of aroma overdo the tropical vibe, and end up smelling like a body lotion or sunscreen you'd buy at the store. Mombasa avoids this by employing spices and wood masterfully. It really anchors the fragrance, giving it a tropical and oriental fusion that smells unique, fresh, and perfect for warm weather with a sweet and creamy drydown. The nutmeg lasts on my skin almost to the end. Truly unisex as well. Both men and women can wear this effortlessly. Highly recommended.