MMA: Mixed Mukhalat Art
MMA: Mixed Mukhalat Art

MMA: Mixed Mukhalat Art

Vetiver, Tobacco & Floral
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MMA or Mixed Mukhallat Arts should be worn for business and important meetings. This masculine style perfume is developed around a classic oudh from Assam in India. Vetiver brings a green touch, Orchid add a beautiful floral character and tobacco gives the masculine signature.

Mukhallat means blend in arabic.

  • Tobacco
  • White Orchid
  • Sweet Vetiver
  • Aoud from Assam

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Disappointing is an understatement

    I was after a scent that had vetiver in it so I was looking forward to trying this one. I have had several scents with vetiver over the years and am absolutely addicted to it. But I don't know what went wrong here, the feint smell of old sweaty socks is actually making me feel queasy. There was not much of a scent at all at first so I ended up applying more. Big mistake! The sickly smell made me recoil with disgust. I was hoping it develop into something a bit more appealing but I had to wash it off after just a short period as it was making me nauseous. Though it still kept lingering after that. I know this review sounds awful but I can't make anything more of it.
    There are so far only two other reviews for this perfume and they're both 5 stars. I know individual taste differs but I cannot comprehend how anyone could like this!
    On the other hand I do love Abyss!


    The MMA is excellent and the service provided is even better. I will be a customer for a very long time for these guys..
    Well Done.

    The Enigma

    One of the best attar from AKAF and the best in

    Complex and masculine.

    Tobacco and oud tamed with vetiver and orchid.

    Lasting is 6-7 hours. A must have perfume in your collection.