Bakhoor Somali Arraweelo - 75 grams

Bakhoor Somali Arraweelo - 75 grams

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Arraweelo is a softer and sweeter variant of the Bakhoor of Somalia. Arraweelo was a powerful queen who ruled over Somalia about 2000 years ago. She was very well known and respected. It is said that the Queen of Sheba sent her a gift of gold coins.

Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation and softness with this exceptional, traditional incense with a sweet and floral style.

Ibn al-Qayyim said: “From matters that bring strength to the body: smelling good scents.” 

Burning incense has been a cultural phenomena since the times of ancient Egypt and throughout time has been purported to have many inherent benefits. For example, burning incense cleans the air by acting as Air purifier, calm the nerves down, reduce anxiety and depression, increase focus and aid in spirituality etc. 

Burning incense is a magical experience, and we recommend you to try it once to see yourself the affect it creates in your home or any place where you burn it.

You can buy an incense charcoal or electric burner to burn incense. If you want to regularly burn the incense then we recommend you to invest in a temperature controlled incense burner, this will give you an ability to control the burn rate and the incense will last much more longer. If you use charcoal tablet then using Mica Plate on top of it will reduce sudden burning of incense. If you are not using Mica plate then after lighting the charcoal let the top layer turn to white and then put the incense on top to it so that sudden burning can be avoided.   

In any case, avoid cheap synthetic incense that are widely available everywhere, they will hurt you instead of giving any benefit.

  • Made from Natural ingredients 


Customer Reviews

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Such a beautiful fragrance-no hint of smokiness , just pure delight to the senses.




Very beautiful bakhoor. Both of these Somali available I would highly recommended.


This is of great quality. It's Really sweet and refreshing.


Smells amazing, so pleasing and delightful when burnt.

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