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Baghdad invites you on a journey through Middle Eastern history with a captivating and conqueror style, with its bouquet of dark roses combined with overtones of Persian saffron. After a while, its power gives way to beautiful notes of agarwood and sandalwood. More than just a perfume, it is an ambassador for the Al Faransi - Maison de Parfum. It has a subtle masculine style.
  • Product by Abdul Karim Al Faransi Maison De Parfum
  • Made from Natural ingredients

Oriental spices
Persian saffron
Sweet woody
Indian agarwood (oudh)

For a great fragrance experience, we suggest our customers to:

  1. Use our Oud Shower Gel or Oud Hand & Body Wash or Oud Soap Bar for bathing. 
  2. After you finish toweling off, apply our Oud Body Lotion on the body, especially on the pulse points. 
  3. Then after 5 minutes or so, apply our Perfume oils on pulse points. Click this link to see how to apply perfume oil:

Follow the above tips and you will have a great fragrant experience!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

my favourite.


A unisex, very sensual dark rose, full of thorns but impossible to resist, it starts with a bold velvet dark red rose followed by saffron and other oriental spices involved in a very subtle very soft and beautiful indian agarwood which give it that sensual je ne sais quoi. It’s like a love affair, and the dry down, that’s the best part, a smoky velvet rose, very subtle to the skin, this is a very intimate fragrance and like every affair it makes you wanting more, to me the only downside of this fragrance, at least on my skin, it doesn’t last very long (6h more or less), yet I find it beautiful in that way, it leaves me wanting more.


A very sensual unisex scent, it starts with a bold velvet dark red rose followed by saffron, sandalwood and other oriental spices and very subtle agarwood note which gives it that sensual vibe.

In the dry down i get smoky velvet rose,and amber.

Subtle to the skin, but really intimate fragrance.

The only downside of this fragrance is that, at least on my skin, it doesn’t last very long.

Definitely in my top three from house of AKAF.


Very solid dark rose - Lifelike - Beautiful - Almost feels too perfect - Only small regret is that it becomes close to the skin and does not project and lasts like some of the other "nuclear-powered" concoctions of this house - Highly recommended


This attar is so amazing i really love it. Saffran bombed rose with a leathery incensy oud/agarwood. Becomes a skin scent on my skin after 5-6 hours just apply some extra if you have a beard and rub your hands on your clothes. And your beard an clothes will project further for you.