Amber ash-Sheikh
Amber ash-Sheikh

Amber ash-Sheikh

Complex, dark & strong scent
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Amber Ash-Sheikh brings the "beast mode" to the next level with its strong and dark scent. Indeed this amber is one of our strongest fragrances. Prepared with different varieties of plants, flowers, rare Asian herbs and a beautiful saffron, it gives a powerful and complex perfume. Its rich and intense style is a bit similar with some strong oud oils. This soothing and aphrodisiac fragrance has a clearly masculine style.

Please note: This blend contains an animal driven ingredient called Ambergris.


  • Earthy
  • Powerful Ambery
  • Floral
  • Hint of Honey
  • Spicy
  • Saffron
  • Woody
  • Musky
  • Oriental

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Please note: Sample perfume oil that we sell is 0.5ml in volume, the vial that it comes in is 1ml in size, therefore sample vials are filled half way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Faff (Brisbane, AU)
Masculine Aphrodisiac masterpiece

A deep deep manly fragrance. A woody, herbal, oud concoction which projects a mood...a strong, serious, brooding mood. Utterly masculine and sexy, smells wonderful on my man. A must for those who love complex oud.

Richard Ferrie (Melbourne, AU)
Amber ash-Sheikh

I enjoyed the aroma, a little bit different each time l wear it..but that adds to its intrigue. I recommend .

Robert Harmer (Torquay, AU)
Instantly returned to the Middle East

I absolutely LOVE this fragrance. I was instantly taken back to Kuwait City and Amman, and the wonderful time I had there as soon as I opened the vial.
Absolutely brilliant.

Dina Shadid (Bankstown, AU)
Amazing Scent!

I ordered the sample scent a month ago and I just reordered the 3ml. This scent is strong and everlasting, I get complimented all the time, strongly recommend!

Fiona Carlyle (Brisbane, AU)

A little heavy for me as prefer the musk to amber. Nice for a gentleman though.

Warren Taylor (Brisbane, AU)
Remarkable Creation!!!

Hats off to AKAF for this gift of perfumery. Even in the heat of a Queensland summer this simply opens out into an intoxicating complex blend anchored with a spectacular amber that enables the power to display itself without ever overstepping the mark. Hugely enjoyable and highly recommended!

Kim Pradier (Sydney, AU)
Mysterious and seductive

A little heavy for day sear6but perfect for nights... Mysterious and romantic and lasts for ages....

Sara Wetz (Perth, AU)
Lovely fragrance

This is a little too strong and sweet for me. However it does mellow nicely if you don’t put too much on

suzanne gork
Amber ash-Sheikh

Love that it's a heavier perfume.

David Kernohan (Perth, AU)
Wow! Subtly mysterious

Wonderfully seductive and mysterious. A complex bouquet that lingers. Wood, musk, spicy swirl together to create mystery and subtly. Warning - don't wear this oud if you need to concentrate. I am sitting at work, staring at the screen and savoring the scent. Highly recommended