The Fusion Series Perfume oil difference

When it comes to the perfume oils, there are not many companies that are doing exclusive high-end work. The simple reason is that quality raw materials are very expensive compared to their synthetic or cheaply produced counterparts. In today's market, majority of the oils are made from bulk pre-made concentrates that are available widely and are as cheap as peanuts. It is a well know fact that in many cases price of the oil in the bottle is cheaper than the price of bottle/packaging itself.

OUD COLLECTION™ perfume house was establish to offer first-rate, exclusive and genuine pure perfumery for all those who are in search for it. Fusion series perfume collection is a stepping stone from our offerings, in this collection we have used a careful balance of high-end perfumery materials with the mainstream materials to create a fusion while keeping the wild, raw and deep character of high-quality raw materials. Our pricing reflects our materials, our work of olfactive art, creativity and product experience.

With one of the best presentation in the worldwide market, our collection will make a great addition to your personal collection and an impressive gift for your loved one.


Quality perfumes cannot be produced cheaply because the raw materials are very expensive. Want to know more? read our short blogs on this topic by clicking here: Blogs