Q1: Where are Oud Collection products manufactured?

Our Personal care Products are manufactured in Dubai and our Perfume Oils and Incense are made in UK 

Q2: Why do we say Less is More?

First of all, our products are manufactured using quality ingredients and for quality conscious people. If you use our products, you will realize that they are not runny like other mass produced cheap products.

Therefore, when we created samples sachets of our Hand & Body Wash and Shower Gels, we use pack size of 5 ml only because we knew that for each application this small quantity will be ideal. During our sampling trials in Australia, we found out that users were very satisfied with the quantity of the product and they enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly.

So technically speaking, a 300 ml bottle of our Shower Gel can last for 2 months for everyday single use*

* Above statement is based on the experience only and cannot be taken as a claim of any sort.   

Q3: How the quality controls are maintained?

All the processes are managed in house with the state of the art laboratory facilities and manufacturing plant. The production plant is a GMP certified manufacturing facility housed in a 25000 sq.ft building . Most of the modern machinery and equipment have been imported from Germany, Italy, UK and Taiwan. The production facility also has a full-fledged International level Quality Control Laboratory for development and testing of soap, Home Care and other hygiene products. 

Q4: What is Cetearyl alcohol?

The Cetearyl alcohol used in Oud Luxury Collection products is from vegetable source. 

Cetearyl alcohol also called as cetostearyl alcohol or cetylstearyl is not alcohol in the true sense. It is an emulsifier prepared by combining fatty alcohols that are derived from vegetable oils like palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter or Shea butter. It does not involve the process of fermentation. It helps in binding the oils and water in personal care products like shampoos, hair conditioners and facial creams. It has no intoxicating effects as it is not consumable in the original form. It is a solid mass, a wax like substance. Hence it is halal to be used in personal products.

You can get plenty more information about Cetearyl Alcohol via Google search.