Oud & Musk Hand & Body Wash

Oud & Musk Hand & Body Wash

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There are some fragrances that are mysterious, and it’s hard to capture them with words. Musk is one of the most mysterious and luxurious fragrance that mankind has ever come a cross. This is a fragrance that is highly valued throughout the human history. Our Musk hand & body wash is a tribute to this ever green fragrance.

This product does not contain the real deer musk in the recipe, but our perfumer did really well in imitating the alluring and amusing fragrance profile in this composition. 

The fusion of Musk and Oud is one of the most cherished and luscious choice for fragrance lovers around the world. Oud and Musk blends are not known for the loudness of the scent, in fact the real thing behind this combo is a subtle elegance and alluring impact that it creates.   

If you usually take a shower before going to bed, then you should definitely try this. It not only give you a fantastic fragrant bath experience but after the shower you will notice a subtle and sensual fragrance emitting from your body. This fragrance is really calming to the senses.

Suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. This variant of our Hand & Body wash series, is a great choice for people who like subtle but quality fragrance. 

For each application, you will require a little quantity and the gel will produce an excellent creamy lather. After rinsing you will find immaculate cleanliness, softness and traces of beautiful fragrance that will make you come back for more. 

Bottle quantity is 300 ml

Disclaimer: Fragrance lasting on the skin varies from person to person; it depends on different variables such as skin type and dietary habits, according to research. The fragrances in our personal care products are made to leave behind a subtle trail of a beautiful fragrance, they are not a replacement of proper perfumes. 

Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Coco Amido Betaine, Glycerine, Sodium Chloride, Oud Perfume, Polymer

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
David (Perth, AU)
Nice but not exceptional.

Nice smell, smells like incense. I don’t like the pump pack for shower use.

Judith Harivel (Sydney, AU)

Is a great product, just love the smell. Thankyou.

Michael L. (Brisbane, AU)
Hand wash

A very nice smelling hand wash and the scent lasts for some time, beautiful smell.

Elaine Waugh
Almost too good to for a hand wash!

I love this! My husband says I go around smelling my hands. I can't help it, they smell and feel so good.

Rance Cantem (Brisbane, AU)

Exceptional product beautiful fresh notes , thus would have to be my favourite liquid soap, I highly recommend

Susan Da (Sydney, AU)
Just Woow 🥰

One of my favourite

kellyanne Wright (Brisbane, AU)
Oud and Musk

Beautiful exotic scent, hands are not just cleaned but scented after use. Bathroom always smells like the handwash. Love it

margaret butcher (Sydney, AU)
Oud have thought

These products have such a wonderful lasting fragrance.

Debbie Farrell (Brisbane, AU)

Love this the fragrance
Very happy

Inez Engelhardt (Sandy Bay, AU)
Musk Aswad and Oud and Musk body and hand wash

Beautiful fragrance of musk Aswad. It’s robust and goes a long way. It’s a beautiful and warm fragrance that lasts for a long time. Oud and musk hand wash is beautiful. These fragrances are unique and incomparable to any ordinary perfume.